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In 2019 27,7 million people flew with Iberia Group, but the total number of customers is much greater. Why? Because transporting passengers is just one of Iberia’s business activities. We’re also involved in other business activities such as aircraft maintenance, airport handling services, and air cargo. We also work for all of their customers.

Transporting Passengers

We fly directly to a total of 141 destinations in Europe, Africa, the Americas, Middle East, and Asia, plus we fly to another 300 airports for flight connections with other carriers.

Together with our wholly-owned Iberia Express unit, and our franchise partner Iberia Regional Air Nostrum, we operate 600 flights each day.

Our highly efficient operational hub is at Terminal 4 in the Madrid airport, where we offer easy connections.

Terminal 4 has won awards for its design and functionality, and Madrid Airport was chosen as “Best in Southern Europe” in the Skytrax World Airport Awards in 2017.

Aircraft Maintenance

We inspect and maintain our own aircrafts, engines, and components, and another hundreds of them from other carriers, including our IAG sister airlines.

Our most important asset: More than 2,800 highly qualified and experienced engineers and specialist technicians who work in our six hangars at Madrid and Barcelona airports.

Iberia Maintenance’s work is reflected in these figures in 2019: More than 800 aircraft inspections, 160 inspections and overhauls of engines and 25,000 of components.

Airport Handling Services

We operate in 29 Spanish airports, including all the largest, serving aircraft and passengers of more than 170 airlines – total of around 320,000 flights each year. This makes us the leading handling services operator in Spain.

Our passenger handling services include check-in, boarding, arrivals, transits to connecting flights, incidents, and special services such as attending unaccompanied minors.

We assist our aircrafts on the ramp, assorting luggages, loading and unloading them. We also carry out services with ground vehicles includes push-back tractors, stairs, generators, platforms, conveyor belt units, etc.

We also dispatch flights. Our coordinators constantly contact with all relevant areas and pay full attention to every detail so that flights depart on time.

And here are the figures in 2019: Nearly 7,500 handling staff served more than100 million passengers, 56.7 million bagagges and more than 360,000 aircrafts.


Our aircraft carry both passenger luggages and commercial freights, that could include sensitive medical material, perishable goods like fruit and flowers, and any carriage is required. We also carry portable water purifying equipment and other emergency supplies to disaster sites.

IAG Cargo is the business unit who manages freight services for all group airlines.

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